WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 9-14-2020

Health Alert: Methanol-Based Hand Sanitizers Pose Dangers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
warns not to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain methanol or wood alcohol, as they can be toxic if
absorbed through the skin leading to nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, blindness, seizures, coma,
nervous system damage, and even death. The FDA is working to prevent these products from entering the
United States and is coordinating with manufacturers to recall such products.
Food and Drug Administration, July 2020
Diet: Certain Nutrients May Help Keep a Common Form of Vertigo at Bay. Benign paroxysmal positional
vertigo (BPPV) is described as a spinning sensation that is usually triggered by changing one’s head position. In
a recent study involving 900 BPPV patients, researchers found that taking a vitamin D and calcium supplement
twice a day reduced the incidence of vertigo episodes by 24%. Neurology, August 2020
Exercise: Resistance and Impact Training Benefit Those at Risk for Osteoporosis. Among a group of 47
patients at elevated risk for osteoporosis, those who took part in a six-month impact and resistance training
program experienced increased muscle strength and improved bone mineral density in the lumbar spine (3.8%)
and femoral neck (2.3%). Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, July 2020
Chiropractic: Hip Strengthening Aids in Low Back Pain Rehab. A review of data from five published
studies suggests that incorporating hip strengthening exercises into a low back pain treatment program can lead
to greater improvements in both low back pain and disability. This finding is not entirely surprising as past
research has shown that hip/pelvic and low back issues often co-occur. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to
assess and treat spine/hip conditions, often using manual manipulation, physiotherapy modalities, specific
exercises, and nutritional recommendations. Clinical Rehabilitation, July 2020
Mental Attitude: Factors for Midlife Mental Decline Risk. New research suggests that smoking,
hypertension, and type 2 diabetes are each significant risk factors for mental decline in middle age.
Neurology, July 2020
Wellness/Prevention: Five Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy. To reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease,
the American Heart Association recommends: keep blood pressure under 120/80 mmHg and blood sugar under
100 mg/dl; maintain a healthy body weight and blood lipid levels; and keep a consistent sleep schedule
featuring six to nine hours of sleep a night. American Heart Association, July 2020
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