WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 9-7-2020

Health Alert: Long-Term Hypertension Damages Brain Vessels. A review of brain imaging and periodic
blood pressure readings of 1,686 adults during mid and late life revealed that the longer an individual was
hypertensive, the more likely they were to develop cerebral small blood vessel disease, which could increase the
risk for stroke and dementia. American Heart Association, July 2020
Diet: Plant-Based Diets Lower Blood Pressure. An analysis of data from 41 studies showed that adopting a
diet featuring ample servings of fruits and vegetables (DASH, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, Nordic, etc.)
can lead to a reduction in blood pressure associated with a 14% lower risk for stroke and a 9% decreased risk
for heart attack. Journal of Hypertension, July 2020
Exercise: Breathing Exercises Benefit Sleep Apnea Patients. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is associated
with an elevated risk for heart failure, heart disease, and stroke. New research suggests that performing at-home
breathing exercises for six weeks can lead to significant improvements in respiratory and cardiovascular
function among older adults with OSA. Experimental Physiology, July 2020
Chiropractic: Cervicothoracic Junction Hypermobility and Neck Pain? Among a group of 42 neck pain
patients with cervicothoracic junction hypermobility, researchers observed that manipulative therapy applied to
the thoracic spine and mobilization therapy targeting the cervicothoracic junction both resulted in improvements
in neck pain and cervical range of motion. Doctors of chiropractic often use several forms of manual therapy,
including spinal manipulation and mobilization, in the management of neck pain.
Chiropractic & Manual Therapies, August 2020
Mental Attitude: Is It Sleep Trouble or ADHD? The result of a recent experiment found that children with a
sleep disorder may experience troubles with impulse control at levels that could suggest the presence of
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The researchers conclude, “This further adds to the discussion
on overdiagnosis of ADHD due to behavioral presentations of underlying sleep disorders.”
Journal of Attention Disorders, July 2020
Wellness/Prevention: Less Smoking and Drinking Reduces Hip Fractures. Hip fracture rates in the United
States have fallen substantially since the 1970s, and according to researchers, much of this improvement may be
due to significant drops in heavy drinking and smoking among the general population.
JAMA Internal Medicine, July 2020
Quote: “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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