WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 1-11-2021

Health Alert: Vitamin D Supplementation May Lower Acute Respiratory Infection Risk. A review of
findings from 42 published studies found that consuming a daily 400-1000 IU vitamin D supplement may
reduce an individual’s risk for acute respiratory infection by up to 30%. medRxiv, November 2020
Diet: Processed Fats and Sugars Increase Muscle Pain. Researchers observed that switching the diet of mice
to one rich in either highly processed sugars or fats led to increased excitability of the muscle nerves and
resulting muscle pain. The findings suggest that reducing the intake of highly processed foods may benefit
patients with muscle pain. Nutrients, October 2020
Exercise: Benefits of Strength Training. The American Cancer Society notes the following benefits for
strength training: increased muscle mass, stronger bones, improved joint flexibility, increased metabolism, and
improved balance. American Cancer Society, November 2020
Chiropractic: Dizziness? It Could Be the Neck. Dizziness can have a number of potential causes, but one that
often goes unidentified is dysfunction in the neck, particularly in the upper cervical spine. A recent article in the
Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation notes that once vestibular and cardiovascular pathologies have been ruled
out, patients with ongoing dizziness issues should be evaluated for cervical disorders. Doctors of chiropractic
are trained to evaluate the cervical spine and to restore normal motion using a combination of manual therapies
and specific exercise recommendations. Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, October 2020
Mental Attitude: Disasters Increase Suicides. According to a new study, an individual’s risk for suicide can
increase up to 23% following a natural disaster, and the elevated suicide risk can persist for up to two years. The
findings reveal that more mental health resources are needed to address challenges that arise after a disaster and
that these services should be extended for a longer period of time following a disaster.
Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, November 2020
Wellness/Prevention: Problems with Sleep Only Accelerate Other Troubles… Using data from the SNACK study, researchers report that older adults with moderate-to-severe sleep disturbances will likely accumulate
chronic neuropsychiatric and musculoskeletal conditions at a faster rate than seniors with good sleep hygiene.
The authors of the analysis conclude that the early detection and treatment of sleep difficulties may present
itself as a possible strategy to reduce the risk for chronic multimorbidity in the older population.
BMC Medicine, December 2020
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