WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 4-5-2021

Health Alert: Vaping Marijuana May Pose More Serious Risk to Teen Lungs. A survey of nearly 15,000
teenagers revealed that those who vaped marijuana products were more likely to experience symptoms of lung
injury, such as wheezing, than their peers who vaped nicotine products or smoked either cigarettes or marijuana.
Journal of Adolescent Health, March 2021
Diet: Fish May Cut Frailty Risk. Frailty is a condition characterized by weakness, slowness, physical
inactivity, self-reported exhaustion, and unintentional weight loss. An analysis of data from the Kyoto
University Rheumatoid Arthritis Management. Alliance (KURAMA) cohort suggests that eating fish twice a
week is associated with a reduced risk for frailty in older adults. Scientific Reports, March 2021
Exercise: Golfing Offers Benefits for Those with Parkinson’s. Past research has shown that exercise can
improve balance and mobility in patients with moderate Parkinson’s disease. A new study found that
Parkinson’s patients who golfed for one hour twice a week experienced similar benefits as patients in a Tai Chi
group. However, those in the golfing group were nearly three times more likely to continue exercise in that
manner at the conclusion of the study. American Academy of Neurology, April 2021
Chiropractic: Restoring Cervical Lordosis Reduces Neck Pain and More. Treatment to restore cervical
lordosis and correct anterior head translation in 110 athletes with chronic nonspecific neck pain resulted in
improvements in pain, disability, autonomic nervous system function, and cervical sensorimotor control.
Doctors of chiropractic often use a multimodal approach to improve cervical posture in patients with chronic
neck pain. Journal of Athletic Training, February 2021
Mental Attitude: Social Media Time Tied to Suicide Risk Among Teen Girls. Researchers tracked social
media habits of nearly 500 teenage girls and found that those who spent two or more hours per day on social
media at age 13 and increased their use over time had an elevated risk for suicide over the following decade.
Journal of Youth and Adolescence, February 2021
Wellness/Prevention: Don’t Skip a Mammogram. A study that looked at health data concerning more than
549,000 women found that those who showed up for their two routine screening exams before their breast
cancer diagnosis were 50% less likely to die from the disease during the next decade than women who missed
their mammograms. Radiology, March 2021
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