WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 4-18-2022

Health Alert: Irregular Periods Linked to Greater Risk for Liver Disease. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
(NAFLD) is a condition that occurs when fat accumulates in the liver from causes other than excessive alcohol
consumption, and it is associated with a number of poor health outcomes. An analysis of data concerning
72,092 women under the age of 40 found that those with long or irregular periods were 49% more likely to
develop NAFLD over the following four to five years.
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, March 2022
Diet: Sulfur Amino Acids Are Bad for the Heart. The American Heart Association reports that a high intake
of sulfur amino acids—most commonly found in beef, chicken, and milk—may be associated with a 12%
increased risk of cardiovascular disease over a three-decade time period.
American Heart Association, March 2022
Exercise: Exercise Decreases Clot Risk in Patients with NAFLD. Patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver
disease (NAFLD) are at risk for several poor health outcomes, including blood clots. A recent study that
included 24 NAFLD patients found that participating in a 20-week aerobic exercise training program
significantly reduced the presence of a protein called plasminogen activator inhibitor, which helps clots remain
intact. Hepatology, December 2021
Chiropractic: Mobilization Decreases Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients. For patients with moderate-tosevere knee osteoarthritis, a new study found that mobilization therapy—a form of treatment provided by
doctors of chiropractic—is effective for improving function, reducing pain, and lowering pain sensitivity.
European Journal of Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine, January 2022
Mental Attitude: Childhood Troubles Can Have Lifelong Consequences. Following a review of data from
the ESPRIT study, researchers report that experiencing five or more adverse childhood events—such as
emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and emotional and physical neglect—is associated with a 52% increased
risk for dementia. Journal of Affective Disorders, May 2022
Wellness/Prevention: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart. Past studies have linked oral and cardiovascular
health. A new study that looked at saliva samples from 1,200 women identified 15 types of mouth bacteria that
were linked to either an elevated or reduced risk for hypertension. Senior author Dr. Michael LaMonte adds,
“This is an interesting finding… and it tells us there may be more to blood pressure control than we understand.
We need to keep an open mind.” Journal of the American Heart Association, March 2022
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