WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 4-25-2022

Health Alert: Menopause Linked to Sleep Apnea and Painful Joints. Researchers report that
postmenopausal women are 4.5 times more likely than premenopausal women to report sleep apnea, and they
are also at increased risk for joint pain. Menopause, March 2022
Diet: Plant-Based Diet May Protect the Brain. An analysis of diet and cognitive performance data concerning
over 4,700 adults found that consuming a plant-based diet may slow cognitive decline.
American Heart Association, March 2022
Exercise: Exercise May Protect the Aging Brain. In a study that included 51 older adults, researchers
observed that spending more time engaged in physical activities of any intensity improved function in areas of
the brain important for executive function skills, which can help seniors remain independent. Lead author Dr.
Marissa Gogniat notes, “We’ve always been told it’s good to exercise, but I think this is some evidence that
exercise can actually change your brain… And that impacts the way you’re able to function in your daily life.”
Sport Sciences for Health, January 2022
Chiropractic: Sleep Quality and Low Back Pain. Among a group of 215 patients with low back pain,
researchers observed an association between poor sleep quality and higher pain intensity six months later. On
the other hand, participants with higher pain intensity at the start of the study were more likely to have poor
sleep 24 weeks later. The findings support the concept that back pain and poor sleep have a bi-directional
relationship, and concurrent treatment to address both sleep and back pain may be necessary for some patients
to achieve lasting relief. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, December 2021
Mental Attitude: Steps to Prevent Dementia. Stanford Medicine reports that the following lifestyle behaviors
may reduce one’s risk for dementia: not smoking; staying at a healthy weight; getting plenty of exercise, eating
healthy food; managing health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol; staying
mentally alert by learning new hobbies, reading, or solving crossword puzzles; and staying involved socially by
attending community activities, church, or support groups. Stanford Medicine, March 2022
Wellness/Prevention: Get Your Eyes Checked. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends
seeing an eye doctor promptly if you are suffering from the following: difficulty seeing properly, redness of
your eye(s), draining or eye pain, double vision, small specks that seem to “float” in front of your eyes, halos
that appear to surround lights, and visions that appear to resemble flashes of light.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, March 2022
Quote: “Problems are cured by facing their cause.” ~ Vernon Howard

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