WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 6-13-2022

Health Alert: Steroid Medications Pose Dangers for Those with Sickle Cell. A review of data on more than
5,100 patients with sickle cell disease found that patients given oral corticosteroids were more likely to be
hospitalized for a vaso-occlusive episode, a condition that can cause intense pain and irreversible organ damage.
Research leader Dr. Ondine Walter adds, “Vaso-occlusive events and related hospitalization appear to follow
corticosteroid prescription fairly quickly… This evidence suggests corticosteroids may be contributing to the events
and should be avoided as much as possible in these patients.” Blood, April 2022
Diet: Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Preeclampsia Risk. Preeclampsia is marked by a sudden increase in blood
pressure, protein in the urine, or other problems during pregnancy, which can cause serious health problems for
mothers and babies if left untreated. In a study that included over 8,500 expectant mothers, researchers identified an
association between greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet and up to a 22% lower risk for preeclampsia. The
findings are encouraging because very few preeclampsia treatments are considered safe or produce any meaningful
benefits. Journal of the American Heart Association, April 2022
Exercise: Aerobic Exercise May Reduce Cardiovascular Risks in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients. Among a
group of 48 chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, those who participated in a twelve-week aerobic exercise
intervention experienced an improvement in both blood vessel function and blood pressure reactivity. The findings
suggest that engaging in an aerobic exercise training program may reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease in CKD
patients, which is the leading cause of death for such individuals. Journal of Applied Physiology, April 2022
Chiropractic: Neck Pain and Migraines. A systematic review found that migraine headache patients are three
times more likely than individuals without a history of headache to have neck pain (77% vs. 23.5%). Past research
suggests that addressing cervical spine issues in patients with migraines—with chiropractic care, for example—may
reduce headache frequency and intensity. Cephalagia, February 2022
Mental Attitude: Quitting Smoking Could Stop Alzheimer’s Progression. Past research suggests that smoking
can increase the risk for Alzheimer’s by up to 40%. A recent study found that smokers with mild-cognitive
impairment who quit smoking may be able to slow or stop progression to Alzheimer’s.
CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, May 2022
Wellness/Prevention: Safe Neti Pot Use. The Food and Drug Administration offers these guidelines for proper use
of a Neti pot to address clogged sinuses and nasal congestion: wash and dry your hands before each use, thoroughly
clean the Neti pot and dry before each use, use clean water (distilled, filtered, or boiled) to create a saline rinse
solution, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Food and Drug Administration, April 2022
Quote: “Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth.” ~ Ludwig Borne

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