WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 6-20-2022

Health Alert: Sleep Troubles Can Affect Kids’ Reading Ability. An analysis of data concerning 339 primary
school students revealed that those with sleep-disordered breathing, daytime sleepiness, and shorter sleep latency
scored up to 7% lower on reading assessments than their peers without trouble sleeping.
British Journal of Educational Psychology, June 2022
Diet: Improve Diet, Reduce Cancer Risk. While specific causes of early onset colorectal cancer remain unclear,
the current research suggests that a diet characterized by a high intake of red and processed meat, refined grains, and
sugar can alter gut microbial composition, which can lead to chronic inflammation in the digestive tract and may
result in a greater risk for colorectal cancer. The findings suggest that adopting a healthier diet pattern may reduce
the risk for colorectal cancer in adults under age 50. New England Journal of Medicine, April 2022
Exercise: Exercise Promotes Longevity. Following an analysis of data from 64 studies, researchers confirm that
individuals with a lifelong history of exercise have a lower risk for early death than their sedentary peers.
International Journal of Epidemiology, May 2022
Chiropractic: Dizziness and Chronic Neck Pain. Among a group of 133 patients under treatment for chronic neck
pain, 43% reported concurrent dizziness. Additionally, those with both neck pain and dizziness were more likely to
experience more intense neck pain and disability, along with lower scores on quality of life assessments. Doctors of
chiropractic are skilled in the management of both neck pain and dizziness, often using a multimodal approach
including manual therapies and specific exercises. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, February 2022
Mental Attitude: Witnessing Domestic Violence in Childhood Can Have Lifelong Consequences. A survey of
more than 17,700 adults revealed that among those who were exposed to chronic parental domestic violence during
childhood, 22.5% had major depression later in life, 15% suffered from anxiety, and nearly 27% had a substance
disorder—all of which are rates significantly higher than those seen in the general population. Study author Dr.
Esme Fuller-Thomson notes, “Our findings underline the risk of long-term negative outcomes of chronic domestic
violence for children, even when the children themselves are not abused.” Journal of Family Violence, April 2022
Wellness/Prevention: Daily Aspirin for Heart Health? For years, experts have recommended taking a daily lowdose aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. However, based on findings from three large-scale studies
that weighed the benefits and risks of this practice, the United States Preventative Services Task Force is now
reversing this recommendation for adults under the age of 60 with exceptions for those with existing heart problems
who already take a low-dose aspirin. Journal of the American Medical Association, April 2022
Quote: “I attribute my success to this—I never gave or took any excuse.” ~ Florence Nightingale

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