WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 6-27-2022

Health Alert: Extra Weight Increases Risk of Endometrial Cancer. Body mass index (BMI) is an estimate of
body fat based on weight and height. An analysis of data concerning nearly 120,000 women from seven countries
revealed that for every five unit increase in BMI, the risk for endometrial cancer rises by 88%.
BMC Medicine, April 2022
Diet: Fast Food Restaurants Increase Diabetes Risk in Nearby Area. According to a recent study, living within
300 meters (~984 feet) of a fast-food restaurant is associated with up to a 16% increased risk for type 2 diabetes.
PLOS Medicine, April 2022
Exercise: Improve Exercise Training By Controlling Your Blood Sugar. New research suggests that high blood
glucose levels may reduce the exercise capacity of skeletal muscles. However, researchers observed that when
normal blood sugar levels are restored, skeletal muscle exercise capacity improves. Diabetes, April 2022
Chiropractic: Prolonged Sitting at Work Affects the Spine. Assessments of office workers revealed that at the
end of an eight-hour workday, participants had experienced a significant reduction in both standing and sitting
height, along with an increase in spinal pain. The findings highlight the importance of breaking up prolonged sitting
time with frequent breaks to stretch or walk.
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, March 2022
Mental Attitude: Mental Illness Tied to Heart Problems. An analysis of 108 studies that included more than 30
million people found that individuals with severe mental illness—such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder—have
a two-times greater risk for cardiac-related death than the general population. The authors add, “The increased
relative risk of [cardiovascular disease] diagnosis in more recent decades may be a result of disparity in smoking
prevalence between people with [severe mental illness] and the general population or increased use of
antipsychotics…The changes since the 1990s approximately coincide with the release of newer, second-generation
antipsychotics which are known to have worse metabolic effects.” PLOS Medicine, April 2022
Wellness/Prevention: Choosing the Right Shoe to Reduce Fall Risk. The American Podiatric Medical
Association offers the following recommendations for older adults when choosing a new shoe: check for support on
both sides of the heel, flexibility in the toes, and stability in the middle; make sure to have your feet measured to
ensure proper shoe size when shopping for shoes, and wear socks when trying on shoes; avoid buying shoes that are
uncomfortable when you try them on; and talk to your podiatrist about what shoes are best for your needs.
American Podiatric Medical Association, April 2022
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