WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 7-25-2022

Health Alert: Prostate Cancer Increases Blood Clot Risk. An analysis of data on more than 550,000 men
revealed that those with prostate cancer had a 50% greater risk for developing a venous thromboembolism (VTE)
within five years of their initial diagnosis, especially within the first six months. The research team hopes the
findings will help healthcare providers become more aware of the risk and help ensure a timely VTE diagnosis.
BMJ Open, May 2022
Diet: Omega-3s Help Keep Arteries Flexible. According to a study that included 6,124 older adults, a higher
intake of omega-3 fatty acids is associated with increased arterial elasticity, a sign of good cardiovascular health.
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, June 2022
Exercise: Exercise Tips During Pregnancy. Studies have shown that physical fitness can confer benefits to both a
mom-to-be and her unborn child. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service offers the following tips for
exercise during pregnancy: always warm up before exercising and cool down afterward; try to keep active on a daily
basis—30 minutes of walking each day can be enough, but if you cannot manage that, any amount is better than
nothing; avoid any strenuous exercise in hot weather; drink plenty of water; if you go to exercise classes, make sure
your teacher is properly qualified and knows that you’re pregnant; give swimming a try because the water will
support your increased weight; and be careful when performing exercises that involve a greater fall risk, such as
cycling. National Health Service, May 2022
Chiropractic: Effective Treatment for Cervicogenic Dizziness. A systematic review that included 13 studies
found that the combination of manual therapies and specific exercises is an effective approach for managing
dizziness that originates from dysfunction in the cervical spine. Doctors of chiropractic often use manual therapies
like spinal manipulation and mobilization in combination with exercises in the management of musculoskeletal
disorders of the cervical spine. Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy, April 2022
Mental Attitude: Eye Trouble Can Lead to Lower Cognitive Test Scores for Seniors. In a recent experiment,
researchers asked 24 older adults with normal vision to take both visual and oral cognitive tests with and without
goggles that simulate age-related macular degeneration. Investigators found that when the participants experienced
impaired vision, their performance on vision-based cognitive assessments fell. Study leader Dr. Anne MacNamara
adds, “A mistaken score in cognitive tests could have devastating ramifications, leading to unnecessary changes to a
person’s living, working, financial, or social circumstances.” Scientific Reports, May 2022
Wellness/Prevention: Greening Up Cities Could Save Lives. Following an analysis of government mortality data
and greenness data from satellite imagery, researchers estimate that about 1,500 early deaths among seniors could be
prevented each year by increasing greenery in urban environments. Frontiers in Public Health, May 2022
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