WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE from your Napa Chiropractor, 8-8-2022

Health Alert: Many THC-Free CBD Products Contain THC. Tetrahydrocannobinol (THC) is a chemical in
marijuana that causes intoxication. An analysis of 80 different readily available THC-free cannabidiol (CBD)
products found that about 60% of these products did contain THC. The researchers note that most contained
only trace amounts of THC, but these amounts can accumulate in the body and be detected by a drug test. The
Partnership to End Addiction in New York City adds, “Consumers deserve accurate marketing claims and if
they choose to buy CBD, to know exactly what’s in the product… It’s been like the Wild West for quite some
time as CBD products proliferate, advertised for numerous maladies without research to substantiate it and
without oversight on quality control.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence, June 2022
Diet: Use Salt Less? Using data from the UK Biobank study, researchers report that individuals who nearly
always add salt to their food may live two fewer years than those who rarely/never add salt to their meals. The
findings suggest that using herbs or spicy to flavor food, in lieu of salt, may increase one’s longevity.
European Heart Journal, July 2022
Exercise: Just 10 Minutes… Following a review of data from the Atlantic Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health
study, researchers estimate that replacing just ten minutes a day of sedentary activity with exercise of any
intensity can have a positive benefit on one’s waistline. Cancer Causes & Control, August 2022
Chiropractic: Neck Disorder May Worsen Jaw Pain and Function. Examinations of temporomandibular
(TMD) patients revealed that those with restricted cervical range of motion experienced more severe TMDrelated pain and disability than TMD patients with normal cervical range of motion. The findings suggest that
dysfunction in the cervical spine may play a role in TMD and treatment to restore normal motion in the neck—
such as chiropractic care—may be necessary to achieve a successful outcome. Cranio, July 2022
Mental Attitude: Nearly Half of Seniors Have Had Ageist Experiences. Questionnaires completed by more
than 2,000 older adults revealed that 45% had a personal experience in which someone assumed they had
difficulty with using technology or with their vision, hearing, or memory due to their age.
JAMA Network Open, June 2022
Wellness/Prevention: Low Vitamin D Linked to Miscarriage? An analysis of data from ten studies identified
an association between vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency and a 60% increased risk of miscarriage. Future
studies may investigate if improving vitamin D status in women at risk for miscarriage may improve their
chances for a successful pregnancy. Fertility & Sterility, July 2022
Quote: “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” ~ Seth Godin

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